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Delivering excellence to South Florida for Over 80 years

Our Past:
Zurwelle Whittaker has a long and impressive history surveying and planning south Florida and beyond. Opening it’s doors back in 1926, Zurwelle-Whittaker is one of Florida's first Surveying firms. Mr. Zurwelle personally worked on the massive Panama Canal Project and throughout the years our firm has been involved in numerous large scale projects such as the Houston Astrodome, NASA's Cape Canaveral and the original overall mapping of the City of Miami Beach (since then surveyed about 95% of the city's lots). Many of these originals are still preserved in our Historical Archives room.

Another significant chapter in our history is the creation of the city of Bal Harbour which owes its existence at least in part to Zurwelle-Whittaker. Zurwelle and Whittaker actually owned part of Bal Harbour, they then designed and platted the land and sold the parcels. They served as engineers during the city's infancy overseeing the town's development from homes to highrises and everything in between.                 

Our Present:
Currently Zurwelle Whittaker maintains its status as one of Miami's most trusted and established firms by continuing to preserve our tradition of excellence, accuracy and professional service. We have evolved in many ways incorporting the latest technological advances as they become available. One major undertaking which recently reached conclusion the complete digitization of our large historical files into a modern instanly accesible database.

Our Future:
We are not resting on our laurels and simply waiting for the future to arrive. We are constantly proactive by updating our software, field equipment and critically analizing our internal systems making sure the latest available technology is being utilized. We have invested many hundreds of hours into completely digitizing our impressively vast library of historical records spanning nearly a century.

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